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I was planning on taking a cross country flight.  I felt I needed more protection than the cloth mask I have been wearing.  I came across an ad for the Sentry Guard respirator. It had a nice look and seemed very protective, but I wasn’t sure how comfortable it would be for hours on a long flight.  I was pleasantly surprised.  You don’t even realize you’re wearing anything after a few minutes.  I bought one for my wife the other day.  I highly recommended.

Frank C / Facebook

My office opened last week, and its not so easy to social distance so I bought this mask. I had been wearing the throw away masks for everyday errands. This mask really has a nice feel to it, and recently I started wearing this out even for day to day chores. Great product. 5 stars!

Dan R. / Customer

Recently I decided to attend an outdoor event where I knew social distancing would not have been possible.  I gave this mask a try.  Could not have been more pleased.  I thought the look was cool, but that’s of no use if I am constantly having to fidget with it.  None of that.  Felt great on my face all day. Only good things to say.

Aaron B. / Customer


Premium Quality Face Respirators

Premium quality to block pollutant particles. Comfortable and effective with a unique design like no other. Premium Protection Without Sacrificing Comfort or Design.



Protective Sleeve Face Covers

Our face scarfs are perfect for all day use.  Whether for sporting events, walks, or just getting out of the house to run errands, our face scarfs are light and incredibly breathable.