Sentry Guard products goal is to provide New York inspired, high-grade products to protect Americans and the world from any future virus, epidemic, pandemic or foreign government threat. High quality for your safety and peace of mind.


After the devastation in China, and Italy, I vividly remember the emotions that swirled through my head. There was a deep sadness, as hospitals were completely overwhelmed, and doctors had to make decisions on who lived and who died.  Amidst the tragedy, I took some level of comfort in knowing this could never happen in the United States. America is the most resourceful and richest country in the world, and I lived in the financial capital- New York City.  It simply did not seem plausible.

Then, the unimaginable happened.

The virus hit the Untied States hard and fast. This occurred in what felt like a few mere hours. Sadly, we were woefully unprepared.  The cities that got hit hardest were the most densely packed. New York, one of the most visited tourist locations, and a major travel hub for business, boasted a subway system that caters to 5.5 million daily riders. This created the perfect environment for the virus to spread like wildfire.

I live in the borough of Queens, which became the Coronavirus epicenter of the world. The virus ravaged my hometown. The city was in a panic. It was both heartbreaking and surreal. Simply standing within 6 feet of someone put you at risk. While taking the necessary trips grocery shopping, I witnessed dozens of makeshift masks; typically flimsy looking face covers, and cheap surgical masks that wouldn’t give proper protection from this deadly virus. As I watched crowds shopping, and lines around the block at the testing centers, I was witnessing what was both inevitable, and avoidable. Many of these people were contracting the virus before my eyes. This inspired the birth of Sentry Guard Products.

Our mission was clear; protection against a pandemic that could strike at any time, literally within a matter of hours. We have to prepare the general community, and the all of the unsung hero’s, that provide essential services in these dangerous times.


After extensive research, we found the components needed to create the best protective facemask possible. As an official N90 mask, our protective gear will filter against a minimum of 90% of all airborne particles. It is reusable, and can be washed and sterilized.  Simply put, the standard surgical mask is no match for our product.

Our goal with every product is to deliver the highest quality for your safety. A mask that is durable and sturdy. One that our customers can feel the utmost security with. In New York we live(d) the threat of the virus by simply stepping out of our homes. I hope no one will ever have to go through that again. In the event another virus or unfortunate episode strikes, we want to prepare our fellow Americans and citizens of the world. Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community.

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